2016A: Evolution to smarter delivery

Simplifying and streamlining the upgrade process for all customers

Streamlining delivery

At TechnologyOne, customers are at the centre of everything we do. 2016A marks significant changes in the way we deliver software, with the aim of simplifying and streamlining the upgrade process for all customers – new and existing, using Ci or Ci Anywhere, in the cloud or on premise.

What's new

2016A marks the introduction of twice yearly software release cycles for new functionality (based around business processes), complemented by timely delivery of minor updates.

Our configuration-driven design then allows customers to tailor their user experience to suit their enterprise, industry and functionality based on proven practice configurations.

Key benefits

Power of Evolution

Substantial investment into R&D each year means we provide our customers a strong, continuing competitive advantage through an enterprise solution that adapts and evolves by embracing new technologies, concepts and innovation.

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