In this release

ECM Next Search

Enhanced search performance within Enterprise Content Management enables users to accurately retrieve information much faster and introduces new search features.

Retention and Disposal Multi-Stage Approval

Extended Retention and Disposal process allows users to set up to three approvers for a given disposal worksheet, reducing the risk of errors and supporting compliance.

Manage Grant Applications

Enables the ability to track and manage grant applications and generate contracts in Supply Chain Management.

My Activities

Provides community members with a single view of their interactions with their Council. This includes updating details, making payments, reviewing lodged applications, and much more.

ECM Next Search

Enterprise Content Management provides users with advanced features to ensure access to the right information to make informed decisions.

New features have been introduced including:

  • Phrase Search which enhances precision in retrieving the right content
  • Results ordered by relevance to help find crucial documents
  • Ensuring spelling errors don’t hinder search result accuracy
Enterprise Content Management

Manage Grant Applications

Enables the ability to track and manage grant applications and generate contracts in Supply Chain Management.

Other enhancements

Our goal is to deliver enterprise software that’s incredibly simple to use. That's why, for every release, we are focused on enhancing our product capabilities and ensuring we meet industry standards to create a seamless experience for our customers.
  • Product Enablement

    • Security Dashboard

      Calculate and view the overall security health of your system and identify any possible concerns, allowing you to drill down and easily resolve them.

    • Enhanced Stakeholder Management

      Improved functionality of various Stakeholder Management tools including Simple Registers, Interactions and Correspondence to improve and streamline business processes.

    • Enhanced Business Process Automation

      Enhanced functionality of Business Process Automation tools including an improvement to user experience for t1connect email sends, where users can approve tasks directly from emails without needing to log into the system.

    • Fabric Reporting

      Enhanced functionality added to Forms, DocOne, Email Templates, SMS Templates, and others.

    • Simplified Access Management

      Provides system administrators with a single place to view, create and maintain users' access and permissions.

  • Financials

    • Renewed Reports

      Empowers users to streamline financial analysis by leveraging value-packed reports delivered within XLOne.

    • Enhanced Intelligent Transaction Automation

      Improvements to intelligent processing of documents that provide additional automation and exception handling capabilities.

    • UK eInvoicing

      Automate the receiving and processing of Supplier eInvoices and send response messages to manage financial supplier interactions.

    • Enhanced AP Automation

      Improvements to the intelligent processing of documents provides additional automation and exception handling capabilities for both administrators and end users.

    • Lease Accounting Solution

      Provides a solution for integrated Leased Asset Accounting requirements as per IFRS16 AASB16.

    • Enhanced Supplier Identification for Expenses

      Improved supplier identification capabilities in DXP Expenses for capturing business numbers and identifying suppliers when scanning receipts.

    • Enhanced Employee Advances

      Improved management of Employee Advances, allowing users to process employee advances on expense claims to the value of generated allowances.

    • Delegates for Expenses

      Enhanced capability to manage delegate administration for company expenses, including support for multiple delegates for an expense user and DXP suppport.

  • Enterprise Cash Receipting

    • Enhanced IVR Integration

      Improvements to over-the-phone payments now support mid-call transfers.

    • External Fees in Guest Payment Portal

      Supports the payment of fees from external systems using Enterprise Payment References.

  • Supply Chain Management

    • Business Process Automation in Purchasing

      Transition from Classic Workflow to using Business Process Automation in Requisitions, Purchase Order Amendments and Goods Receipting.

    • Purchase Order Stationery with DocOne

      Provides the ability to modify and manage Purchase Order stationery using DocOne.

    • Consensus Scoring in Evaluations

      Enabling Consensus Scoring supports the determination of a more accurate evaluation score in situations where there is significant variation among individuals.

    • Paste Special in Requisitions and Goods Receipting

      Allows the loading of a large quantity of dissections against a Requisition or Goods Receipt Line based on a detailed breakdown in a spreadsheet.

    • Sourcing Integration with ECM

      Customise document security controls for Approach to Market attachments in shipped Enterprise Content Management Indexes.

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    • Crystal Reports Progressively Replaced with XLOne Reports

      Reports, including reconciliation, depreciation, revaluation and movement, have been made simpler to extract data, view and customise by moving from Crystal reports to XLOne reports.

    • BPAs for Asset Book Impairments, Adjustments and Transfers

      Enabling BPA options for Asset Book Impairments, Adustments and Transfers allows users to progress through transactions according to the configured business process.

    • Asset Overrides Now Available for Nested Maintenance Schedules

      Assets linked to a nested maintenance schedule can now have different template work orders, projects, activities and responsible person for each schedule within the nest.

    • Field App - Enhanced Offline Asset Inspections

      Enhanced Field App functionality means field workers can now add asset inspections to existing work orders, or create new work orders, whether they're offline or online. This is also applicable to new assets created in Asset Survey.

    • Days of the Week Options for Maintenance Schedules

      Increased flexibility for scheduling inspections with maintenance schedules now able to be based on specific days of a week or month.

  • Human Resources & Payroll

    • Applications for Inactive Job Alerts

      Enables users to add applicants to a requisition process after advertisements have closed.

    • Change of Bank Details Notification

      Sends a notification to an employee when their bank details have been changed.

    • Increment Processing for New Employees

      Enables new staff to be automatically assessed for Increment Processing eligibility if they commence employment part-way through an Increment Processing Period (Calendar).

    • Terminated Employees Training Attendance Record

      Update the Employee Training records, accreditation, skills and competencies of terminated staff to accurately reflect their employment based on training outcomes.

    • Gender Identity Record in Self-Service

      Enables employees to record their gender identity via self-service and allows employers to disclose information on gender identity for diversity and equality reporting.

  • Property & Rating

    • Generate Financial Transactions

      Provides customers with the ability to generate financial transaction records for Debtor Transactions where one has not been created due to user or system error.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    • Document Transfer Compliance with VERS 3

      Ensure compliance with the VERS 3 using this feature designed for Enterprise Content Management's digital document transfer function.

    • Reports for Multi-Level Index and Physical Location Exports

      Improve data management and operational efficiency by easily exporting location and multi-level index metadata with two new reports.

    • Records Management Audit Dashboard

      Improve visibility and access to audit data by tracking changes to the access of information across an organisation.

    • Attachment Grid Document Import

      Updated document import template supports the importing of documents directly to an Attachment Grid. /p>

  • Corporate Performance Management

    • Highlight Visualisations

      Highlight results across multiple Visualisations, enabling users to easily view relationships between data displayed across an Analytics Dashboard.

    • Heat Matrix Visualisation

      Analyse large data sets in an easily recognisable format with a new Heat Matrix Visualisation, displaying data in grids with colours and labels to visualise cell values.

    • XLOne Integration with ETL

      Provides users with the ability to set an ETL process to execute before and/or after running an XLOne Workbook Report, offering greater flexibility and more control.

    • XLOne Migration Multi-Sheet

      XLOne Migration has been enhanced to enable users to migrate an XLOne Workbook with multiple worksheets.

    • Send Notification Step

      Customise notifications displayed to users when running an ETL process including notification text, link to functions, files and URL links.

    • Enhanced Quick-Add Accounts

      Enhanced capabilities for Quick-Add Accounts in Project Budgeting to ensure valid project components are added to a budget pack.

    • Budgeting Unload/Reload

      Ability to easily transfer budget configurations from one environment to another.

  • Student Management

    • Student Portal Usability Improvements

      Providing improvements to the Plan and Enrol and Class Registration sections within the Student Portal.

    • Student Portal – My Finances

      Students are supported through enhanced visualisations of their student finances, simplying the display of their financial position.

    • Active Data Collection Automation

      TCSI Active Data Collections can now be transmitted manually, on a defined schedule, or automatically.

    • UK Compliance Cycle Changes – HESES

      Providers can ensure adherance to the latest specification for the Higher Education Students Early Statistics survey (HESES23).

    • UK Compliance Cycle Changes – HESES

      Providers can ensure adherance to the latest specification for the Higher Education Students Early Statistics survey (HESES23).

  • Timetabling & Scheduling

    • Resource Booker - Change Booked Resource

      Provides users with the ability to change the primary source when editing a booking.

    • Resource Booker - Change Booked Resource

      Provides users with the ability to change the primary source when editing a booking.

    • Exam Scheduler API Enhancements

      Enhanced Exam Scheduler Application Programming Interfaces create a smooth transition for customers moving to SaaS.

    • Timetabling API Enhancements

      Enhanced Timetabling Application Programming Interfaces create a smooth transition for customers moving to SaaS.

    • Workload Planning APIs

      Application Programming Interfaces have been built to smooth the transition to SaaS for customers using the Staff Workload Planner application as an on-premise solution.

    • Timetabling - Additional Data Models

      Additional Data Models are now supplied in the Data Warehouse to match the views previously delivered in the Reporting Database, making the transition to SaaS smoother.

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