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Simplifying transformation for local councils

Local government is facing huge challenges: non-integrated legacy systems, ageing infrastructure, budget pressures and rising community expectations, to name just a few.

TechnologyOne is the ideal partner to help your council and your community with solutions created specifically for the local government sector in the United Kingdom.

Our next-generation, mobile-enabled technology will transform your council’s digital experience. Your employees and citizens will be better connected - with applications and information available on any device, anywhere, any time.

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Implement a solution designed specifically for Councils?

  • Local Government is a complex business with finite resources yet infinite demand.
  • What if you could have a faster, more focused path to go-live and upgrades and the flexibility to evolve and change as your stakeholders demand?
  • TechnologyOne OneCouncil is purpose-built for Local Government, with embedded knowledge and business processes designed to operate with Councils like yours.

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OneCouncil supports the day-to-day operations of your council with a single, integrated solution available anywhere, any time.
  • Financials Product - TechnologyOne


    Capture all financial information in a single place, providing powerful dynamic reporting and enquiries for real-time decision making.
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  • Supply Chain Product - TechnologyOne

    Supply Chain Management

    Manage procurement of goods and services across multiple locations from quote request to payment.
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  • Performance Planning Product - TechnologyOne


    Answer the most critical business questions with confidence, speed and accuracy.
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  • HR & Payroll Product - TechnologyOne

    Human Resources & Payroll

    Manage the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to off-boarding.
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Chief Finance Officer
Huntingdonshire District Council

Where TechnologyOne really came into its own, was in helping the council pay COVID-related business support grants to local businesses. It was a big task and TechnologyOne was instrumental in this.

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