2016A: Evolution to smarter delivery - Updated

Simplifying and streamlining the upgrade process for all customers

2016A Release: Business processes completed in Ci Anywhere

The following is a list of completed, end-to-end business processes in Ci Anywhere, giving you the flexibility to work on any device, anywhere, any time.

Financial Management: APRA Reporting | Treasury Management

The APRA Reporting solution streamlines the APRA reporting process for financial services organisations while extracting and organises the APRA reporting data needed for third party systems. Treasury Management assists the organisation’s ability to monitor cash flow to support capital and operational expenses and provides a view of the organisation’s financial instruments, maturity dates, interest revenue and interest expenses over the instrument’s lifecycle.

Procurement & Expense Management: Procure to Pay

The Procure to Pay process enables an organisation to implement procurement-related policies by providing a facility to record delegations, record authorisations and execute workflows, whilst streamlining accounts payable processes and providing visibility over outstanding debt.

Business Strategy & Planning: Budgeting

The Budgeting process enables an organisation to estimate finances for a future period enabling it to plan its operations accordingly. These activities are undertaken to measure, track and adjust budgets in line with operational objectives and strategic direction.

Human Resources & Payroll Management: Recruitment | Training

The Recruitment process enables management of new staff recruitment by maintaining advertised positions and the details of recruits while Training manages the administration of staff development programs.

Document & Registry Management: Creation | Distribution | Archiving & Disposal

Document & Registry Management refers to the processes undertaken by an organisation to manage all aspects of the information lifecycle, from creation to archiving and disposal. Document & Registry Management can cater for data in any format (including social media) and is fully integrated with all areas of the solution. Version control and comprehensive reporting is also applied to all documents.

Student Recruitment & Engagement: Student Self Service | Application Assessment

Student Self Service delivers real-time online self-service for students, agents, academics and staff. This mobile-enabled functionality empowers students with self-service capability to place them at the centre of their education decision-making, while at the same time enhancing educational provider productivity. Student Application Assessment promotes responsive, efficient and consistent service levels for students by automating and monitoring workflow processes for assessment.

Asset Management: Asset Bookings | My Asset Bookings

Assets Bookings minimises scheduling conflicts when booking assets, and improves efficiencies with work planning and scheduling, through visibility and availability. My Asset Bookings allows your staff to create their own bookings for pool vehicles or any class of asset using a simple calendar view. A convenient inbox allows the viewing of current and past bookings and clearly shows the progress of your bookings and/or approval.

Tenancy Management: Feedback Management

Feedback Management refers to the process of receiving complaints, compliments and other types of feedback, actioning it appropriately and recording the outcomes.

Core Functionality: Self Service | BPM Forms

Self Service functionality is accessed via different interfaces including My Leave, My Timesheets, My Details, My Team Timesheets, My Requisitions, My Asset Books and My Workflow. Business Process Management (BPM) Forms empowers users to build forms for any scenarios that are important to your business, enabling simple digital delivery to your users with business rules built in to make it quick and easy to fill out a form.

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