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SharePoint Connect

Seamlessly synchronise SharePoint content with TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management.

Field App – Mobile Asset Enquiries

Enables users to perform extensive enquiries on assets while in the field.

Timetable Change Management

Supports search and activity adjustments.

SharePoint Connect

Seamlessly synchronise SharePoint content with TechnologyOne Enterprise Content Management.

  • Visibility of SharePoint documents within ECM
  • Apply Records Management across synchronised content
  • Publish TechnologyOne documents to SharePoint
  • Connecting deeper into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem
Enterprise Content Management

Field App – Mobile Asset Enquiries

Enables users to perform extensive enquiries on assets while in the field.

For the selected asset, users can display:

  • All work orders
  • All test point history
  • All defect history
  • All maintenance schedule history
  • All future occurrences of maintenance schedules

Enterprise Asset Management

Timetable Change Management

Supports search and activity adjustments.

This feature provides search functionality that enables non-expert users to find an activity that needs to be adjusted by typing in known details. Once an activity has been selected users can find an alternative solution and make the change, within the permissions granted to them. This is a CiA replacement of Enterprise Activity Adjuster.

Timetabling and Scheduling

Other enhancements

Our goal is to deliver enterprise software that’s incredibly simple to use. That's why, for every release, we are focused on enhancing our product capabilities and ensuring we meet industry standards to create a seamless experience for our customers.
  • Product Enablement

    • Design Studio Unload/Reload

      Provides the functionality to migrate Design Studio folder components between environments.

    • HTML Defined Email Templates

      Users can enable HTML rich template configuration for email communication.

    • Forms Enhancements

      Improved functionality and usability in Forms.

    • Support for Additional Web Analytic Tools

      Capture and analyse CiA usage data using Adobe Experience Cloud and Google Tag Manager.

    • Specify Custom Keywords for Function Sections

      Provides the ability to set and search custom keywords for function sections.

    • Download What’s New Content to Excel

      Provides the option to download the related What’s New content from your environment into a spreadsheet.

  • Financials

    • Improved Payment Processing

      The ability to exclude a creditor from the worksheet and regenerate, allows bulk transmission of remittances, and usability enhancements for accessibility to key data in payment account and transaction level grid views.

    • Pay Creditors into Multiple Bank Accounts

      Enhanced support for paying creditors into multiple bank accounts with improved governance controls.

    • Enhanced Data Entry & Recurring Documents Experience

      Improvements to the Data Entry experience with the ability to quickly and easily show or hide additional fields, support for new shortcut keys, and drag and drop attachments for rapid data entry.

    • Improved Document Imports

      Enhanced capability for imported transactions, including security overrides, document file name, database style import, multiple business numbers and server folders for attachments.

    • Enhanced Travel & Expenses

      Manage and configure travel and expense systems in CiA.

    • Streamlined Purchase Cards Experience and Workflow

      Streamlined purchase card processing to support T&E Purchase Card only users.

  • Enterprise Cash Receipting

    • Support Western Union Payment Gateway

      Supports online payments with Western Union and allows users to pay using any currency.

    • Support for GDPR

      Implements support for Enterprise Redaction to redact payer names and addresses.

  • Supply Chain Management

    • Contract Trust Accounts

      Enhancements allow users to invite multiple contacts from an organisation to an approach to market.

    • Improved Approach to Market Experience

      Provides the ability to nominate a Creditor Trust Account on a Construction Contract.

    • Enhanced ASNs with Supplier Lot Numbers

      Automatically populate itemised stock expiry dates and lot numbers from a Supplier Shipping Notice.

    • Enhanced EDI Purchase Orders

      This feature includes additional supplier information such as business numbers and GST information.

    • Restricted Contract Transmissions

      Enables administrators to control whether a contract is publicly reported on external sites.

    • Purchase Order Amendment Enhancements

      Allows authorised users to change the supplier on a purchase order.

    • Approach to Market Categorisation Enhancements

      Allows administrators to show a single UNSPSC categorisation field rather than multiple.

    • Lock Approach to Market Header

      Provides the ability to lock the ATM header once the first stage has been approved.

    • Supplier Portal Submission Enhancements

      Streamline data entry with an editable grid when updating pricing information and descriptions.

    • Improved Support for Surgeon Preferences

      Updates include new user fields in the inventory systems, new permissions, and new shipped BPA for Surgeon Preferences.

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    • Multiple Associations for Work Orders

      Rectify work requests, defects, and test point actions by associating them to an existing work order regardless of its source.

    • Recurring Asset Bookings

      Users can now create a recurring asset booking.

    • Navigate to Work Planning Directly from Work Triage

      Users now have the ability to navigate directly from Work Triage to Work Planning to access the work order.

    • Simpler Asset, Work Order & Project Creation

      Reduces steps required to create assets, work orders, and projects.

  • Human Resources & Payroll

    • Recruitment Shortlisting

      Presents all applicant information in a single view to enable a more effective shortlisting process.

    • Legal Name

      Allows the addition of a legal name for employees, enabling the existing name fields to be used for the name the employee is actually known by.

    • Employee Tags

      Identifies employees who have particular attributes using visual tags on the directory such as Fire Warden, Mental Health Officer, and more.

    • Working Days FTE for Leave

      Provides the ability to prorate Leave Entitlements by working days as opposed to hours.

  • Property & Rating

    • Disputing Multiple Transactions on a Debtor Account

      Select bulk transactions to dispute and resolve as required.

  • Enterprise Content Management

    • Simple Registration

      Provides a simplified user experience to capture documents with an intuitive interface for registration.

  • Corporate Performance Management

    • Saved Views in Budget Entry

      Enables the customisation of budget and worksheet tabs, improving the budget entry experience.

    • Enhancements in Budget Entry

      Provides the ability to make bulk changes to budget accounts and view comments without editing the pack.

    • Remove Accounts from the Budget

      Improved capabilities now enable users to remove accounts that were incorrectly added or no longer required.

    • Budget Configuration Analysers

      Leverage budget model variables and ledgers to build custom reports, analytics, or ETL.

    • Improved ETL Runtime Experience

      Enable real-time ETL progress to be displayed and launch a function at the conclusion of the ETL process from within a Performance Planning Pack for an improved user experience.

    • Analytics Dashboards Updated Styles

      Enhancements to the options for visualisations include tile rounded corners, colour options, and title formatting to engage users with a contemporary look.

    • Data Model, Online Consolidation

      Configure one or multiple consolidation levels in a single online data model query for improved capability.

  • Student Management

    • Adobe Experience Cloud and Google Tag Manager

      Enables education providers to monitor and track the browsing activity of users across the Applicant and Student Portals.

    • Engagement Monitoring

      Provides engagement data that enables strategies that foster student retention and success.

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