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More than 79 per cent of new features and enhancements were requested by our customers.

Ci Anywhere now has more features than ever, giving you greater flexibility to work on any device, anywhere, at any time.

In this release

  • e-Signatures

    Create, sign and store official documents electronically.

  • Personal Workflow solid

    Personal Workflow

    Help users visualise their personal workflows with step-by-step guidance.


Transform the way you get business done with DocuSign integration.

  • Leverage multi-party e-Signature capability.
  • Enable electronic signatures to be directly embedded into documents.
  • Signatories can sign documents simultaneously or in a sequential order.

Personal Workflow

Create an interactive process flow diagram for users to follow when performing a task.

  • Migrate existing Personal Workflows from Ci to Ci Anywhere
  • Provide secure assignment of Personal Workflows in Ci Anywhere
  • Include URLs, functions, text, images, and attachments to assist task flow

Other enhancements

Our goal is to deliver enterprise software that’s incredibly simple to use. That's why, for every release, we are focused on enhancing our product capabilities and ensuring we meet industry standards to create a seamless experience for our customers.

Product Enablement
Supply Chain Management
Enterprise Cash Receipting
Human Resources & Payroll
Corporate Performance Management

Product Enablement

  • General enhancements

    Leverage usability improvements including advanced search picklists enhancements and standard code maintenance.
  • Ci Anywhere user access

    Extend access capabilities with added support for base roles in Ci Anywhere.
  • Security enhancements

    Leverage continual improvements on security in Ci and Ci Anywhere.
  • Checklists enhancements

    General usability enhancements to the checklist display interface.
  • Templating enhancements

    Create, edit and manage templates for email, SMS and mail.
  • Outlook 365 add-in enhancements

    Leverage new functionality for an improved Outlook 365 user experience.


  • e-Invoicing enhancements

    Additional functionality to streamline the invoice receiving process.
  • Data Entry

    Simplify data entry processes with enhanced capabilities and user experience improvements.
  • Payment Times Reporting

    Utilise a new way of reporting payment times from the invoice received date to the payment date.
  • Account Receivables updates

    Process direct debits using secure payment tokens and complete discount processing where required.
  • Purchase Card enhancements

    Import custom fields and foreign currency details to purchase card transactions.
  • Travel & Expenses

    Complete all processing of Travel & Expenses including invoice matching in Ci Anywhere.
  • Executive Information Enquiries

    Additional functionality including extended support for the deployment of enquiries.
  • Drill-down enhancements

    Leverage new drilldown capabilities between financial transactions and work orders.
  • Reporting Analyser enhancements

    Updated reporting to simplify how to access and utilise your information.

Supply Chain Management

  • Business Reference Numbers

    Support for multiple Business Numbers on supplier accounts.
  • Hazardous Goods enhancements

    Supplier catalogue now supports the classification of items using the Globally Harmonised System for Hazardous Goods.
  • Catalogue enhancements

    Enable bulk updates on catalogue products using the Import/Export feature.

  • Single supplier requisitions

    Single supplier requisitions

    Streamline the process of creating a single supplier requisition.

  • Purchase order completion

    Enable a user to complete outstanding items of an order in a central location.
  • Goods Receipting enhancements

    Support for editable grids, improved navigation and ability to hide fields for users.

  • Purchasing alerts

    Alert users about overdue Purchase Orders in Ci Anywhere.
  • Stock Requisition enhancements

    Implement automatic bin-to-bin transfers for non-itemised stock.
  • Sourcing from Panels

    Streamline the RFQ creation process and allow users to identify, select and bulk invite suppliers from a panel to respond.

  • Sourcing enhancements

    Control visibility of reporting fields internally and on the Supplier Portal.
  • Revenue Contracts enhancements

    Simplify the creation of Accounts Receivable invoices directly on claim approval.
  • AusTender integration enhancements

    Enhancements to support the reporting to AusTender using the latest 1.6.6 standard.

Enterprise Cash Receipting

  • Payment File Processing

    Payment File Processing can now be completed in Ci Anywhere.
  • Phone payment enhancements

    Streamline phone payments with improved Windcave IVR support.
  • Online payments

    Support for online payments using PayPal Classic is now available.
  • OPOS printing

    Print to OPOS printers from Ci Anywhere.

Human Resources & Payroll

  • IntraMaps - Embedded MapBuilder - TechnologyOne

    General enhancements

    Create a simplified MapBuilder configuration to allow a map to quickly be embedded into a website.

  • IntraMaps - Information Panel Styling - TechnologyOne

    Pension and Superannuation enhancements

    Styling options have been extended to highlight important data including font size, colour and typographical emphasis with conditional formatting available.

Corporate Performance Management

  • 20B Tcsi Reporting - TechnologyOne

    Enterprise Budgeting enhancements

    Simply update a user's access or approval level in bulk for budget packs and choose at what stage budget data needs to be validated.

  • Teacher and student security enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Analytics with action

    Enhancements to table visualisations including interactive grouping, new table row actions and the ability to run an XLOne report.

  • Staff learners - TechnologyOne

    Enhanced Analytics

    Create richer visualisations with extended expression column definitions capabilities and all-new gauge visualisation displays.

  • Property to assets associations - TechnologyOne

    ETL enhancements

    Create ETL tables quicker with the ability to load columns and data from a file and replicate existing tables.

  • Map View on inspections - TechnologyOne

    ETL Classic Document File Import

    Enable simplified migration from Ci to Ci Anywhere ETL, with support for Classic Document File Import.

  • Name options - TechnologyOne

    Deployment enhancements

    Enhanced XLOne capabilities to support generating multiple reports and the ability to specify output types and destinations.

  • Entity Custom Fields - TechnologyOne

    XLOne enhancements

    Enhanced XLOne capabilities to support generating multiple reports and the ability to specify output types and destinations.

  • Entity Custom Fields - TechnologyOne

    Performance Planning Model Administration

    Simply allow users to add and maintain Planning Groups and Planning Access within Ci Anywhere.

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