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Focused on the experience

Empowering the end user is the core focus for 2021A, which features over 340 enhancements to streamline the way you do business.

2021A leverages the power of Ci Anywhere with more supporting features, functionality and documentation than ever before.

More than 77 per cent of new features and enhancements were requested by our customers.

Guest Portal Shopping Cart

Support payment for guest users or agents with a new shopping cart experience to make paying bills quicker and easier.

  • Pay for multiple bills and outstanding debts with a single credit card transaction
  • Automatically generate direct payment links to customers
  • Validate payment reference numbers

Other enhancements

Our goal is to deliver enterprise software that's incredibly simple to use. That's why, for every release, we are focused on zeroing in on our products to enhance their capabilities and create a seamless experience for our customers.

Here's a snapshot of the customer-led usability enhancements we've developed for 2021A.

Product Enablement

  • Alerts - TechnologyOne


    View Ci Centralised Alerts in Ci Anywhere.
  • Smart Folders

    Automate actions on selected file types using Smart Folders.
  • Workplace enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Workplace enhancements

    Leverage usability improvements to the Workplace including links to related functions and responsive Workplace design.
  • Outlook 365 email integration - TechnologyOne

    Outlook 365 email integration

    Create, send and manage correspondence from within Outlook 365.
  • WCAG - TechnologyOne

    Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) enhancements

    Leverage continual improvements for web content accessibility.
  • Security enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Security enhancements

    Leverage continual improvements on security in Ci and Ci Anywhere.


  • Intelligent invoice processing - TechnologyOne

    Intelligent invoice processing enhancements

    Improve automated transaction processing with the ability to perform two-way invoice matching directly to Purchase Orders in Ci Anywhere.
  • Data Entry

    Improve data entry with the ability to default display the attachment and easily view and action documents in use.
  • Chart accounts - TechnologyOne

    Chart accounts

    Streamline the creation of chart accounts with the introduction of templates and user interface enhancements.
  • Payment processing - TechnologyOne

    Payment Processing

    Enhanced Payment Processing includes Proposed Payment reports, reselecting accounts in Payment Worksheets, simple access to attachments and flexible remittance transmission.
  • Business Number References - TechnologyOne

    Business Reference Numbers

    Capture multiple business numbers on accounts for improved record keeping.
  • Saftey - TechnologyOne

    Purchase Card enhancements

    Match pre-approved expenses to Purchase Card transactions, reverse statements when necessary and leverage new standard enquiries.
  • Reconciliations

    Automate the statement load process with scheduling and wildcard functionality.
  • Supplier Portal enhancements

    Allow suppliers to view Contract Claims via the Supplier Portal.
  • Stock Transaction Entry - TechnologyOne

    Stock Transaction Entry

    Issue stock and process bin transfers in Ci Anywhere and streamline processing with barcode scanning support.

  • Request Stock Transfers - TechnologyOne

    Request Stock Transfers

    Submit a Stock Transfer Requisition to transfer and replenish stock from a centralised location in Ci Anywhere.

  • Purchasing enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Purchasing enhancements

    Reassign ownership of purchasing documents in bulk to another user in an organisation with a full audit history.

  • Stock usage enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Stock Usage enhancements

    Support for shortcut keys and streamlined barcode scanning.
  • Requisition enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Requisition enhancements

    Support for editable grids, improved navigation and ability to hide fields for users.
  • Stock Requisition enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Stock Requisition enhancements

    Support bin level processing of serial and batch products in Ci Anywhere.

  • Contract enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Contracts enhancements

    Allow bulk importing of Party Qualifications and matching of Credit Notes to Contracts in Ci Anywhere.
  • Device enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Device enhancements

    Extend integration of SaaS EFTPOS devices, with support now available for Linkly.

  • System administration enhancements - TechnologyOne

    System administration enhancements

    Easily review and monitor key system metrics and transactions in a powerful new Summary Enquiry.

  • Payment file enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Payment file enhancements

    Streamline the processing and correcting of External System Payment Files in Ci Anywhere.

  • Payment gateway enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Payment gateway enhancements

    Payment gateway support has been extended to include the Reserve Bank of Australia.

  • Reporting enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Reporting enhancements

    Create all Leave and Employee entitlement reports in Ci Anywhere.

Student Management

  • Teacher and student security enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Teacher and student security enhancements

    Access improved controls to ensure users can view and modify information on a need-to-know basis.

  • Staff learners - TechnologyOne

    Staff learners

    Associate a user's staff and student records with the ability to access both profiles from a single Workplace.

  • Analytics and data models - TechnologyOne

    Analytics & Data Models

    Access powerful criteria options for designing Data Models, new ways to access data results via a web service and improved performance on Dasboard and Reports.

  • Budget pack access enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Budget pack access enhancements

    Schedule the generation of new budget packs, simply copy access from another user and delete user access In bulk.

  • Budget configuration - TechnologyOne

    Budgeting configuration

    Create conditional entry fields to provide an intuitive budget entry experience.

  • Enhanced budget entry - TechnologyOne

    Enhanced budgeting entry

    Quickly add a new account as necessary in financial and project budget packs.

  • Business ETL enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Business ETL enhancements

    Enhancements to assist with accessing, submitting, monitoring and handling errors in ETL processes, plus a new feature to help manage the upgrading of ETL processes from Ci to Ci Anywhere.

  • Performance planning - TechnologyOne

    Performance Planning

    Configure Component Types, Component Codes and Worksheet Types in Ci Anywhere.

  • XLOne - TechnologyOne


    Enhancement to XLOne including support for offline transaction and commitment drilldown, report groupings, crosstab functionality and workbook protection in Ci Anywhere reporting.

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