Creating a superior student experience in the new hybrid learning world

Research from TechnologyOne sheds light on the issues that UK higher education providers need to consider if they are to attract and retain this year’s student intake.

About the survey

TechnologyOne commissioned a survey of over 1000 students in the UK to understand what the pivot to hybrid learning has meant for them. Using this insight, institutions can position themselves to implement systems that best serve the needs of their students and lessen the financial strain created by student attrition.

From the impact of hybrid learning on student wellbeing, to application and accommodation issues; the report will help higher education institutions better understand and drive positive change for their students.

  • have faced difficulties when applying for their university course
  • said ease of application was important when picking a university
  • said they would be more likely to apply to a university if they could access key information on their mobile phones
  • want to see more tailored course help and resources, and more regular online check-ins with academic staff

View the findings

We hope the findings detailed in this report will help institutions better understand their students and drive positive change.

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