Since moving to Software as a Service (SaaS), Carinity has future proofed its organisation, reduced its operating risk and no longer has to worry about maintaining complex IT infrastructure

Case study highlights

  • Gained a big-picture view of operating environment
  • Simplified IT support and training requirements
  • Improved user acceptance and adoption


Carinity is a not-for-profit organisation, committed to making a difference to people’s lives through the provision of integrated community services for those in need.

In 2016 alone, Carinity cared for more than 15,000 people across aged care, home care, retirement living, education, counselling, youth accommodation and mental health, disability and other community outreach programs.

Carinity was running various point solutions to manage its operations, which lacked integration with one another.

“Previously, there wasn’t a significant investment in ICT or ICT related processes, so we had a lot of disparate data sources and systems,” said Raymond Brecknell, Business Applications and Process Support Manager, Carinity.

Accessing accurate, reliable information was also a resource-intensive exercise.

“We had one solution for safety and employee records, another to handle employee documentation, another for financials and payroll,” Brecknell said.

“There were a lot of manual, paper-based processes involved, and we needed a centralised system to integrate everything and allow us to present information back to the business in an efficient way,” he added.


Carinity implemented TechnologyOne’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to streamline business processes, improve efficiency and reduce risk across the organisation.

The solution includes TechnologyOne’s Corporate Performance Management, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Financials, HR & Payroll, Stakeholder Management and Supply Chain Management products.

“TechnologyOne has provided us with a true enterprise SaaS solution that meets the needs of our business,” Brecknell said.


Since implementing the solution, Carinity now has a big-picture view of its operating environment.

“Moving to an integrated software system means we have a single point of entry and source of truth for all enterprise information,” Brecknell said.

“We have reduced our operating risk and are in a much better position to provide financial reporting including payroll information.

“We can now control, access and draw upon information with ease.”

Carinity has also future proofed its organisation and no longer has to worry about running and maintaining complex IT infrastructure.

“Moving to SaaS has been really worthwhile – we don’t lose any sleep over whether our hardware is working because TechnologyOne takes complete responsibility for this,” Brecknell said.

“Instead of allocating infinite resources to keep our infrastructure alive and products patched and up-to-date, we can now focus on service delivery and making proactive improvements to our ICT services."

Process Support Manager

TechnologyOne has provided us with a true enterprise SaaS solution that meets the needs of our business.


Carinity has experienced dramatic internal improvements since adopting an integrated enterprise solution.

“Because we had disparate data sources and systems, integration was a big issue and reporting capabilities were virtually non-existent,” Brecknell said.

“Our users had to learn how to use multiple applications, memorise multiple authentication details and needed continuous training on how to use each system.”

Following the implementation, Carinity is now experiencing the benefits of a single, integrated enterprise solution with a consistent look and feel.

“Regardless of which TechnologyOne product we’re using, they all have a common user interface and are easy to navigate,” he said.

“Our users can access our enterprise software any time, anywhere and on any device – all with the same log-in.”

Brecknell added: “This has simplified our IT support and training requirements and improved user acceptance and adoption.”


Carinity is now managing its entire employee lifecycle — from employee on-boarding, training and development through to time collection and pay management — via a single solution.

“TechnologyOne has enabled us to manage our procurement process from the first-step,” Brecknell said.

“We have eliminated paper-based processes, including payslips, and can now use TechnologyOne’s Ci Anywhere platform to update and access information on-the-go, at any time.”

Brecknell added: “Moving from Ci to Ci Anywhere has also made a huge difference to the way we operate.”

“We have recently implemented MySafety in Ci Anywhere, which allows staff to log incidents and hazards by uploading pictures directly from their mobile phone into the software. That wouldn’t have been possible with our previous software,” he said.

About Carinity

Carinity is a leading not-for-profit, Christian-based care organisation, committed to making a real difference to people through comprehensive and integrated community services.

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Publish date

07 Nov 2018

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