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  • OneEducation helps to future proof the institution
  • Winner UK Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) awards
  • Connecting students, teaching and professional staff

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University leaders from James Cook University, Central Queensland University, La Trobe University, University of South Australia, University of Melbourne and Victorian Institute of Teaching discuss the benefits of partnering with TechnologyOne, providing them with a preconfigured enterprise solution built specifically for the education sector.

Hilary Winchester, Acting Vice Chancellor, CQU said “We’re using the Financials, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain, and the big one for us at the moment is, Student Management. This whole technology suite is going to help future proof the university as we become more mobile, more distributed, and more international.”

La Trobe University Executive Director and Chief Information Officer, Peter Nikoletatos said “The TechnologyOne solution is at the cornerstone of our ERP environment, that means it is the most important application. It’s the one that interfaces almost every day with every student that comes to La Trobe.”

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University of Melbourne Director of Academic Administration, Samantha Winter said “I have to say we’re really excited with the direction that TechOne are going with their product. It’s user friendly, it’s really intuitive, and you don’t necessarily need a lot of training on the system itself.”

University of South Australia Chief Financial Officer, Peter Prest said “The software makes my life easier as Chief Financial Officer. The Vice Chancellor adopted it with glowing reviews.”

Paula Johnston, Director Financial & Business Services, James Cook University said “James Cook University has been working with TechOne since 1993, so it has been 23 years."

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Glen McGregor, Manager of Financial Systems and Process Improvement at JCU said “Using TechOne’s CIAnywhere solution has allowed our procurement team to have a more strategic focus for our staff and students.”

“For our students, the shift to TechnologyOne in the cloud will give them a richer experience,” said Mr Nikoletatos.

“Students can access information on any device anywhere anytime, and that’s made a huge difference instead of having to use a desktop device," said Ms Winter.

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Jeffery Santamaria, Deputy Director, Enterprise Systems at Central Queensland University said “The role that TechnologyOne software has played in helping us make that transformation has been phenomenal.”

Janiece Meagher, Director, Business Services at Victoria Institute of Teaching said “The VIT are currently undertaking a transformational plan in terms of our technology. I’m really excited to have TechOne as a part of that future and working and integrating all our systems together.”

Manager of Financial Services, Michael Nettle, said “The University of South Australia sees itself as a university of enterprise, and partnering with a company like TechnologyOne, who produces innovative and intuitive products, is a way for us to achieve those outcomes in future years.”

I’m really excited about where the university is headed with its ambitious growth plans,” said Mr Santamaria, “but I’m more excited that we’ve partnered with TechnologyOne, and the kind of software that we’re using and the advancements it provides will really help the university to achieve its goals.”

About enterprise software for educators

TechnologyOne's enterprise software for educators underpins the academic, operational and strategic requirements of universities and dual-sector institutions with a single, integrated enterprise solution.

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20 Sep 2017


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