Elevate your enterprise experience

Our latest software release delivers more than 268 enhancements designed to simplify the way you work and elevate your enterprise experience.

More than 79 per cent of new features and enhancements were requested by our customers.

Key features in this release

  • 20B Enhanced Asset and Defect Imports - TechnologyOne

    Simple Enquiries

    Manage information your way by creating, saving and sharing simple enquiries in Ci Anywhere.

  • 20B Editing Asset Booking- TechnologyOne

    Enterprise Privacy Management

    Help your organisation manage its data privacy obligations by redacting personal information that is no longer required.

Simple Enquiries

Quickly and easily build a Simple Enquiry, report or dashboard. Design Studio allows you to schedule Enquiries and manage the way you share these with your team.

  • Search across all data sources in Enterprise Suite
  • View information from different perspectives in a simple grid view
  • Save your Enquiry to use again

Enterprise Privacy Management

Effectively manage your privacy legislation obligations. You can now redact personal data in one consolidated effort and provide full visibility of this process to privacy officers.

  • Save time redacting personal data in bulk
  • View all redaction processes in one place
  • Assist in complying with Article 5 of the GDPR
  • Manage personal information in documents with ECM Retention and Disposal

Other New Features


  • eRecruit - TechnologyOne

    Quick Reconciliation

    Perform Quick Reconciliation in Ci Anywhere via an intuitive worksheet process.
  • Contracts Invoice Matching in Data Entry

    Match contract invoices received to the Contract in Data Entry.
  • Organisation management - TechnologyOne

    Charges & Billing enhancements

    Configure templates for regular billing runs and schedule these outside of business hours.
  • Payroll Asset HR and Payroll TechnologyOne

    ITP enhancements

    Amend imported transactions via MyTasks, access a shipped analytics dashboard, and leverage improvements for tax variance handling.
  • 20B Purchase card enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Purchase Card enhancements

    Send customisable email notifications based on events such as new transactions; show the merchant description imported on the transaction; and disable disputing transactions.
  • Saftey - TechnologyOne

    Travel & Expense enhancements

    Provide detailed information to approvers when reviewing in MyTasks and improved costing summary on the document.
  • Training - TechnologyOne

    Data Entry

    Control the colours of the document header within Data Entry formats.
  • Chart Accounts

    Debtor & Creditor accounts are available within Interactions & Correspondence; view address codes, transmission method locations and improved warnings for mandatory fields; access enhanced validation of business numbers and log file details.
  • Direct Debit

    Set up Direct Debit details against an individual bank account. (UK customers only).

Supply Chain Management

  • eRecruit - TechnologyOne

    Contracts enhancements

    Configure additional administration users including Contract Sponsor, Contract Manager and Project Manager. Access Enterprise user fields to capture additional information in contracts.
  • Contract Maintenance

    Access a new Government Reporting section that displays historical Contracts Transmissions.
  • Organisation management - TechnologyOne

    Direct Invoice Matching

    Match an invoice directly to a Contract Schedule Item or Claim Item

  • Payroll Asset HR and Payroll TechnologyOne

    Contract Analysis Dashboard

    View key Contract information and activity in a simple dashboard.

  • 20B Sourcing enhancements  - TechnologyOne

    Sourcing enhancements

    Leverage BPA workflows to automate Sourcing Stages and set Permissions to control the ability of users to modify Stages and Processes.

  • 20B Stock Usage enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Stock Usage enhancements

    Leverage card layout improvements, template print definitions, tags to identify imprest and consignments, and improved analysers to support reporting.
  • 20B Spatial Maps Integration  - TechnologyOne

    Spatial Maps integration

    Identify locations and specific floors on Inventory Bins.
  • 20B Purchasing Reports - TechnologyOne

    Purchasing reports

    Access extended reports including Invoice Variance and Returns Pending Credit Notes.

  • 20B Web catalogue maintenance

    Web catalogue maintenance

    Test new PunchOut suppliers.

Human Resources & Payroll

  • 20B Interactions and Correspondence extensions - TechnologyOne

    Interactions and Correspondence extensions

    Maintain and automate communications with Employees and Applicants in a Talent Pool
  • 20B Integrity checking - TechnologyOne

    Integrity checking

    Automate the integrity checking process for applicants via integration with CvCheck.

  • 20B Multiple Assignment enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Multiple Assignment enhancements

    Manage the entitlements of employees who hold multiple positions.

Student Management

  • 20B Student Portal enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Student Portal enhancements

    Leverage improvements within the Application process, including mobile-specific messaging.

  • 20B Tcsi Reporting - TechnologyOne

    TCSI reporting

    Meet TCSI obligations using Active Data Collections to integrate data with the TCSI data lake.

  • 20B Teacher and Student security enhancements  - TechnologyOne

    Teacher and Student security enhancements

    Access improved controls to ensure users can view and modify information on a need-to-know basis.

  • MyGov TEST

    USI MyGovId integration

    Validate student information using USI APIs from a
    Ci Anywhere worksheet.

Corporate Performance Management

  • 20B colours - TechnologyOne


    Allocate colours to identify complex data visualisations.

  • 20B Custom Maps - TechnologyOne

    Custom Maps

    Load custom map files based on any geographical region.

  • 20B Calculations - TechnologyOne


    Add calculations directly to all visualisation types.

Business Process Automation

  • 20B Primary Clocks - TechnologyOne

    Primary Clocks

    Allocate a Primary Clock to an Entity within a business process.

  • 20B Feature Enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Feature enhancements

    Manage date calculations with Expression Builder and imports/exports with Tscripts.

  • 20B Unload/ reload enhancements - TechnologyOne

    Unload/Reload enhancements

    Manage Entity dependencies and control the ability to edit Unload data.

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