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TechnologyOne’s Global Mobility Program takes a page from the book of our university colleagues and is inspired by the study tours which are common within academia. The program provides the opportunity to visit top tertiary institutions to see how they are transforming their businesses to improve the student experience.

The program enables delegates to not only see how TechnologyOne systems are implemented, utilised and supported, but look at how other institutions are innovating to attract, support and retain students throughout their academic journey. It’s also a great opportunity to build a network of international peers to foster collaborative global partnerships, learnings and insights.

Institutions visited

Participating institutions

Summary of themes from the tour

Student experience

Digital transformation

Change management

Future tech

Student experience

UK delegates talk about what makes a great student experience and the technology needed to support growing student expectations

Business transformation

Emma Faulder, Assistant Director Solutions and Partnering, London School of Economics and Political Science talks about why transparency and communication are critical to business transformation



The enrolment imperative


How universities are employing technology to improve the student experience – from enrolment onward.


Digitisation by degrees


How the world’s leading universities exert a balance of technology transformation and human connection to deliver a pathway for success.


Mind the gap


Higher education institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom are using technology to make it easier for students to study abroad.

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