Roundtable 8

Women in technology

Written by UK Tech Cluster Group

According to PWC UK, just 5 per cent of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women. A diverse workforce makes better businesses; so how do we work to support female talent and enable women to lead across all sectors? And how can technology help bridge the diversity gap globally?

In our eighth roundtable, the group discuss the underrepresentation of women in technology and how we can overcome current barriers to take productive steps forward.

Global Future Council at World Economic Forum, CEO at Gapsquare

If you look at the data around women in STEM, the progress we've been making on getting young women into STEM is 0.25% each year, for the past four years. So in four years, we've increased the number of women in STEM by 1%.

Watch the roundtable discussion

In this roundtable, a panel of experts discuss disparity in the workplace, the gender pay gap and barriers to entry into the technology sector with insights and humour.

Panel speakers

  1. Ben Shorrock,  Managing Director TechSPARK, UKTCG Steering Board
  2. Sarah Fry, Research & Development, TechnologyOne
  3. Zara Nanu, Global Future Council at World Economic Forum, CEO at Gapsquare
  4. Marina Traversari, Global Head of Startup Ecosystem, Telecom Infra Project
  5. Katie Gallagher, Managing Director, Manchester Digital & Director, Digital Her
  6. Lucy Paine, Director, Tech Swindon
  7. Jess Philips, Enterprise Innovation Manager, Tramshed Tech
  8. Bojenna Cox, UK Marketing Partner, TechnologyOne

Publish date

08 March 2021

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