Document Management

Document management processing

About this course

The purpose of this training is to provide the ability to complete Document Management processing within TechnologyOne Ci Anywhere Enterprise Content Management.

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Software release



2 days


Enterprise Content Management


Navigation in Ci Anywhere

Topics covered

  • Explain what ECM is, why customers implement ECM and the benefits of using ECM
  • Navigate Ci Anywhere
  • Add Documents to ECM
  • Search for documents using different methods
  • Edit ECM Documents
  • Register E Mails
  • Manage Task list
  • Perform Advanced ECM functions as listed: Respond, Relate, Send, Bulk Modify Document Metadata, Bulk Modify Index
  • Links and Share Index Links: Create Documents from ECM Templates, Use ECM Clipboard, Use Document URL and Document PDF URL options, Create and Move Virtual Documents
  • Explain options in the Ci Anywhere Menu


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