Maintenance Schedules and Inspections

Configure maintenance schedules and inspections to produce Work Orders

About this course

This course provides the ability to configure maintenance schedules and inspections to produce Work Orders within TechnologyOne Enterprise Asset Management.

Course code

AM3601 – Maintenance Schedules and Inspection

Software release



1.5 days


Enterprise Asset Management


Assets and Work Management in TechnologyOne and Navigation in Ci Anywhere

Topics covered

  • Explain the concept of maintenance schedules and how they fit in with different types of maintenance strategies
  • Create Work Orders from a maintenance schedule
  • Identify and examine how future meter-based work is calculated including how maintenance schedule history affects future work
  • Realign the maintenance dates for an asset/s
  • Forecast future maintenance

  • Define the relationships between an Inspection and a Maintenance schedule
  • Identify the different mechanisms for recording inspections in Ci Anywhere
  • Create a list of test points and assign them to a maintenance schedule
  • Configure triggers to generate work if an “out-of-range” inspection result is entered
  • Conduct an as-required inspection


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