Highlights from TechnologyOne Evolve 2016 User Conference

Article highlights

  • 117 speakers, 120 sessions, 11 streams,
    4 days
  • SaaS is the key to embracing digital revolution
  • From 30 delegates in 1992 to 2,200 delegates in 2016

Connecting to a global audience

Evolve 2016 was TechnologyOne’s largest user conference to date, with 2,200 delegates engaging in 120 sessions across 11 streams over four action-packed days.

The conference focused on the need to embrace the digital revolution our world is currently experiencing, and the key role mass production Software as a Service (SaaS) plays in this revolution.

A diverse line-up of 117 speakers shared technology previews and expert advice, while customers shared case studies of their early adopter processes, built in partnership with TechnologyOne.

Delegates from 12 countries around the world enjoyed the opportunity to network and receive valuable information to future-proof their businesses.

Moving to a digital future

Jeffrey Santamaria, Deputy Director, Enterprise Systems at CQU said, “What event struck me the most of Evolve conference, is the positivity of all of the technology streamers and the passion that every one of them had in trying to bring the real transformation of software to the different aspects of the business.”

Lisa Grainger, HRIS Systems Consultant from BaptistCare said, “Evolve for me is a really exciting chance to just see what's coming next with this software that we all use.

Peter Alexander, Chief Operating Officer from Digital Transformation Office said, “I'm really surprised how many people are here, and the volume and the, dynamic nature of it. How many people are interested and engaged in TechnologyOne.

“The world is moving to a whole new digital future. It is a digital revolution,” said Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chair, TechnologyOne. “The cloud is the future. It is one of the forces that are driving this new digital revolution.”

“We're doing something really different to the rest of the industry,” said Mr Di Marco. “What we're doing is software as a service. We make it future proof, we make it better. We're very excited about the future. We have, I think, a great vision, we've delivered it, and I said, it's not coming, it's here. It's here right now for you, our customers.”

Andy Matthews, Chief Financial Officer of Wellington City Council said, “The WCC, the implementation of TechnologyOne One Cloud solution, was an absolute no-brainer. It's based around a cloud first, mobile strategy that fits in really well with our own.

Pushing the limits

“We're connecting CI Anywhere to a global audience through making the cloud and bringing the cloud closer to you,” Iain Rouse, Group Director – Cloud, TechnologyOne. “And we're doing our best to keep pace with your needs, because you are pushing and pushing and pushing and we love that.”

Adam Woods, Head of Finance Shared Services, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank said, “Your consultants are amazing and I'm so pleased they're all here. What you do and the rapid pace at which you're doing it is inspirational.

Peter Blackford, GM Business Systems, YMCA Victoria said, “The highlight for me has been the Keynote. I saw a lot of case studies too, which is really helpful when you're trying to get an idea of how the platforms will work in the real world. So, it's fantastic.”

In addition to providing over 3,000 minutes of topical information to delegates, TechnologyOne screened 25 business processes, served over 28,800 meals, provided over 7,000 cups of coffee, and provided 800 massages to delegates.

About Evolve User Conference

TechnologyOne’s first user conference was held in 1992, with approximately 30 participants. Over the following years, TechnologyOne’s user conference - now called Evolve - grew in size and sophistication to become the cutting edge, multifaceted event it is today. Evolve 2016 saw over 2,300 delegates attend three action-packed days at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre for the largest and most successful conference yet.

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14 Sep 2017


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